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Eggoxy is an irc proxy system (like BNC) release under GPL. The difference is that it connect to eggdrop-class bot, not to irc server directly. The bot should also have installed one additional script that is distributed with package. All system shoud look like this:


  • complete handling of privmsg's and ctcp's
  • mode commands working both sides
  • join command works only if bot monitor channel
  • topic and topic changes are received, but you can't change the topic
  • other commands are not handled or handled partially
  • Should work with eggdrop v 1.4.4 or even earlier
  • password-based authorization
  • acts as an daemon or normal program
  • easy to configure
  • http server reply for bad connections (from not-allowed ip)

    Tested configurations
  • Cygwin_NT-5.0 1.1.8 (developer main platform)
  • Linux (kernel version 2.2.19... seems to be not very stable, thought :/ )
  • other platforms will be checked for working

  • Due to problems with libpthread eggoxy won't work on following systems:
  • OpenBSD (OpenBSD 2.7 (GENERIC) #25)
  • HP UX (HP-UX B.10.20 C 9000/800)
  • Screenshots

    Config file

    Download section

    Eggoxy0.0.1.tar.gz 19 393 bytes
    Eggoxy0.0.2.tar.gz 12 792 bytes
    Eggoxy0.0.3.tar.gz 13 281 bytes


    0.0.1 Initial version
  • some fixes in output from proxy
  • added ip authentication via DENY and ALLOW
  • fixed bug with compilation on linux-class system
  • added lame.http answering for denied ip classes
  • created Makefile ... configure script should also be done...
  • many more minor bugfixes
  • added ctcp transfering from irc to mirc (at last :) )
  • added some /whois reply
  • Created by Looser