Nokia 6610 java
a few java applets demonstrating the power of device
  by Jakub Trznadel

"...There are 10 types of people in the world:
Those who understand binary, and those who don't...."
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3D test

An attemp to check the 3D graphics abilities of Nokia 6610. Goraud-shaded simple fps engine can go with more than 10 fps :) (During demo press 5 to go to next part)
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One of oldest applet... checking the possibilities of writing lotus-style car racing game. The result is a little bit playable :)
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Tool for long train voyages... a risk-clone for nokia
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Songbook (Polish)

I never remember accords nor song words, especially the sequences ;) In fact guitar plaing is my hobby and sometimes I'm asked if I can play some songs. This little tool helps my memory ;)
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Unusable Spectrum Emulator ;) (mobilezx for MIDP-1.0)

After some interest from people which read my small note on forum, I decided to publish this quick hack. I was testing if it's possible to run spectrum emulator on MIDP-1.0 phone, so after few hours of mobilezx-0.7.1 (which is MIDP-2.0 applet) source code hacking I've ported it to MIDP-1.0. It was really nice to see 'Sinclair Research...' message on my phone screen :) But performance was so bad that I drop the code.
I don't expect it to run on other MIDP-1.0 phone than Nokia, as I've used nokia-specific class to draw screen. Hovewer, porting it to native MIDP-1.0 classes should take less than hour to anyone with a little Java knowledge.
While running emulator shows Instr=(number of instructions processed), PC=(Program Counter value), IPS=(instruction per second). Screenshots are from Nokia emulator on PC, so performance is a lot better than on a real phone.
Don't expect playing games or doing anything usefull - it's just a fast hack with no colors and real keyboard support.

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